Health Issues From Waste Dumps

Just one of many communities around the United States, a tiny Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians Reservation in Utah were targeted for a very big nuclear waste dump. Private Fuel Storage (PFS), a limited liability corporation representing eight powerful nuclear utilities, wants to “temporarily” store 40,000 tons of commercial high-level radioactive waste (about 80% of the commercial irradiated nuclear fuel in the U.S. as of the end of 2004) next to the two-dozen tribal members who live on the small reservation. The PFS proposal is the latest in a long tradition of targeting Native American communities for such dumps. But there is another tradition on the targeted reservations as well–fighting back against blatant environmental racism, and winning. NIRS, joining with allies such as Indigenous Environmental Network and Honor the Earth, has been privileged and honored to assist tribal members opposing dumps targeted at their communities for well over a decade. Of 60 Indian communities directly targeted by the nuclear power establishment, 59 have fended off the threat. But the Skull Valley proposal has advanced further than any other before, and could be granted an operating license by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission sometime in early 2005. NIRS and Skull Valley Goshute tribal opponents to this environmental racism – and threat of irradiated fuel trains by the hundreds rolling through dozens of U.S. states as early as 2007 – need YOUR help today!

Storage sites of contaminated waste pose great health risk to communities and land.  A particular Indian Reservation for the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians was faced with the fear of having a health risk of radioactive Waste Dump on their land.  A limited liability corporation Private Fuel Storage wanted to store many tons of high level radioactive waste next to members of the Goshute Indian group.  The reservation had allies such as Honor the Earth help tribal members fight off the threat of their land being exposed to harmful waste. Recycling Companies also have a positive impact of our enviroment by recycling millions of tons of products each year. This is what we are looking for to keep our wonderful earth going.

After years of  legal battles, the threat was over and the Indian communities were able to come together stopping radioactive waste and such from being stored on their reservation. Today people are realizing the importance of all types of recycling. Many areas around the U.S. such as recyclable materials from residential, commercial, and industrial uses. This area alone produces millions of tons recyclable materials and waste which in turn helps our enviroment.