Great Ab Workout for your Health

Tone, Tighten, Firm & Strengthen Your Abs

Tone, tighten, firm, and strengthen your abs with the power of the flex belt ab belt muscle toner. The flex belt is a precision EMS (or electric muscle stimulation) product that will improve your overall muscle tone and develop your physique. It is a class II medical device which has been FDA tested and approved to be sold to the general public and is used in clinics all over the world.

How it works is simple, the ab belt construction uniquely features a three pre-positioned set of gel pads. These are in place covering both the central abdominal muscles and external obliques. Stimulation is concentrated specifically to reach the nerves where they branch out and have contact with the entire system of muscles of the abdominal region. The effect is that the abs relax and contract themselves naturally and begin working all of the muscles simultaneously in response, over and over again with your bodily as it moves.

When this product was tested in clinical trials the results made the strongest case for its health and fitness benefits. The device clearly worked for 100% of those who used it as instructed correctly, during an 8 week clinical study. At the end of the study the resulting data showed; 100% flatter and firmer abdominals amongst all subjects, a 72% increase in performance during sit-ups, and 49% increase of overall abdominal strength, and an amazing 1.4 inch reduction in waistline. That is 3.5 cm slimmed down to the average waist of those in the 8 weeks of trials. There is not much argument that anyone with such results will be in feel and look better physically.

Believe it when many satisfied customers already endorse the incredible transformation to their bodies, but the more important selling point is how easy the product is to use. Take it with you on the go and work out all day long. It can be used anywhere, without anyone ever knowing you have it on. The flex belt is designed with electrodes and pads to create pulses working out all of your stomach muscles, even when being lazy and just on the couch and read or watch TV. The belt is small enough to wear under normal clothing, allowing you to work out at the office, while reading, watching TV, or any of the activities that are part of your daily routine.

There are other products on the market but they have nowhere near the effectiveness. Just one twenty minute session with can deliver up to 150 muscle contractions, think of how quickly your body will tighten and tone up. In a few weeks the results will be obvious from head to toe, and your health will improve with every second you wear this amazing ab belt. This has been tested for you by experts in the medical and sports fields with well documented success. It also has been confirmed by members of the media and athletic community. This is possibly the best product to ever be made for achieving peak muscle tone.

Regiment yourself to using it daily to achieve the optimum results most quickly. You should see major changes in your performance and physique within 4-8 weeks. If you use it 2 to 3 times a week you will soon be able maintain this level of fitness and health as your body gains muscle tone.

The pleasant sensations when wearing this device are readily apparent. Yet the mild pulsing and tightening of the ab muscles is relaxing and gentle. Plus you have complete motor control of how intense the sensation strength is via an easy to use controller on the belt. Adjust the settings to more or less intense with leveled variations from 1-100 in strength. Increase the powerful vibrations to your liking throughout the day as you wear it, it is all up to you.

This is not just another gimmick being marketed towards exercise enthusiasts like so many other products on television today. Other devices or work out accessories make lofty claims and promises, but this is the real deal. This maybe just another exercise tool to those who have never tried it, but once you do, it will become the most essential work out accessory you have ever owned. If not the last one you will ever need to.

I tried it and love it!!