Health and Your Enviroment

Your Health and Enviroment

Environmental hazards of poor air quality, pollution from automobiles, power plants, and chemical emitting toxic fumes pose great hazards to ones health.  Communities across the United States constantly are faced with hazards of air quality which have a major impact on one’s body.

Many groups are formed each year to promote better public awareness, policy advocacy and work with residents on creating a healthy environment.  Many community groups adopt a highway in order to rid the assigned area of litter which others also work with communities on proper waste disposal. 

The environmental health movement is as important to recycling one’s plastic or utilizing public transportation when able.  Land fills become full as well as your metropolitan areas become full of smog because many are not being a “environmentally friendly” person.  Individuals and communities needs to work together in creating safe, healthy neighborhoods.

Having scientific knowledge has no effect with out the efforts of community leadership, citizens, and policy groups working together to rid our communities of environmental issues.