Health Versus Company Profits

How Some Companies Are Only Out There For The Money While Others Are There To Really Help People

Some companies provide health related articles that are written by freelance writers for a negligible amount of money and sold them on the internet making a fortune. The articles are sold to student and researchers who need the information to complete projects. These articles are posted on the internet as an abstract; they are normally very interesting and captivating but ask for payment to view the entire article. In contrast, there are companies promoting health articles with the goal to help people and focused on health promotion as a discipline in promoting healthier, longer life. This has increased the awareness on health articles as they pertain to the business world. How some companies are only out there for the money while others are there to really help people?

People are searching for information on how to improve their wellbeing and health promotion is a growing concern in today’s society for the health conscious individuals. People are more inclined today than in the past in taking charge of their health with the rise in lifestyle diseases. As technology increases and lifestyle changes, so does the emergence of diseases of modernity. People are searching for solutions in health related articles, from healthy eating habits and how to reduce calorie intake, to basic exercises.

Health related articles are vital information sources because they provide people with information about illnesses. People are better able to care for themselves with a newly diagnosed illness or it increases their capabilities in caring for a loved one who is living with a medical illness. Before the surge of information on the internet, most people relied on the advice or information from their doctors. However, today people are barging into doctor’s office with pertinent questions regarding their conditions and seeking the best treatment plans.

There are companies that promote health articles and pretend to have the answers to all health issues. They capitalize on the public’s life style of a quick fix mentality and provide quick fix answers in a few lines to undo lifestyle related damages. They provide articles on various health related topics such as sexual transmitted diseases, weight loss and how to gain weight. Some go as far as writing about cures for certain illnesses but of course customers have to purchase that information.

The modern lifestyle of people and the emergence of new illnesses are perfect opportunities for the business world to produce large volumes of health related information, some promoting certain products necessary to correct the damages done. Unfortunately some of these companies are in the business for the money, their concerns are about promotion and profitability of certain products, at the demise of customer’s health.

There is no accountability, since the products are purchased and taken at the customer’s risk. There are no health professionals linked to the product to monitor customer’s response and the effectiveness of the product in terms of the customer’s wellbeing. In addition, there are no guarantees that some of the products they promote are effective and actually serve the purpose they were created for, since there are usually no test results to confirm any clinical benefits.

There is research that is published on the internet from Milk Specialties, which is free and is provided by reputable and reliable sources. The information is evidence-based, clinically and scientifically proven. The mayo clinic for example is a good source to receive health information that is available to help people and to improve the health of the public.

The internet is overloaded with health related information, which is considered a knowledge explosion. Some articles provide very intricate details about diseases, their signs and symptoms, clinical manifestation, pathophysiology, nursing and medical intervention. The treatment regimen is outlined and patients are actually diagnosing themselves before seeking medical attention.

In summary it is importnat to realize what the motivation of a health related article was. If the publisher was just going after the quick buck be very careful with what you are reading.

Some websites provide information through a doctor who is said to be online to answer all concerns. However that doctor will not be able to supply a prescription and there is no validity or reliability in the information received. In addition, there is some reputable health information provided by researchers, health professionals and health institutions that are sold on the internet as a means of making money.

On the other hand, some companies promote health articles that are beneficial to the public, mostly produced by licensed health professionals. This information is free because the aim is to educate and improve peoples’ lives.