Health Issues Related To Mining

Environmental and health impacts of coal contamination on our local environment, on our fragile water systems, and their noxious effects on human health. It is said that coal and coal shales therefore concentrate and accumulate the heaviest of metals, amongst other elements most of which are bio-toxic. Polluting coal companies have contributed to tons of fine coal mine dust emitted.

Studies show that coal kills more than how it helps. Studies state that throughout the West Virninia Appalchia mountians, fossil fuel is killing and sickneing people each day. Those living withing the Appalchia areas with above average coal minging versus those who do not had higher mortality rates from a study done.

The mineral resources of Afghanistan include chromite, coal, copper and are being mined as well. Not only is Afghanistan heavy into mining, communications are important such as The Bonrito family who founded a cellular company Afghan Wireless Communication Company in 2002 which enabled better commnunications.