Shopping Can Be Healthy

Shopping Can Be Healthy

Many people fail to see the therapeutic benefits of shopping. Whether this is due to a cynical nature or they just feel that there cannot be anything healthful gained from shopping, they are wrong. There are many benefits to shopping that others may have never even thought of as being healthful or beneficial in any way. Here are some of the best health benefits to shopping.

Whether you parked in the very last row of the parking lot, farthest away from the store or you chose to use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, you are getting more exercise than you would have if you stayed at home watching old Gilmore Girls reruns. Getting out to the mall for a little walk is a great exercise because you are getting some good cardio exercise and improving your cardiovascular system. Not only this, but you will not be rained on or have people blowing smoke in your face, both of which can be disadvantages of walking outside. If you are at the mall, most stores are too small to have carts. Therefore, you are also improving your posture as well as getting a good exercise in because you won’t be leaning over anything which can not only hurt your back but strain your feet from not having them evenly planted on the ground. The more that you walk around the mall, the better. Walking is one of the best low impact exercises that you can do regardless of your age, weight, bone structure or any other complication. If you decide that you want to go to the mall for a walk but do not want the temptation of purchasing something, the mall itself often opens an hour before the stores do, giving you ample opportunity to do so.

Improving Self Esteem-
When you go to the mall you are, no doubt, tempted to purchase something. If you find a sweater or pair of jeans that are flattering on you, purchasing the item you have found can increase your self-esteem, making you feel better about yourself. You may not have known that you were feeling down, but a confidence booster never hurts! If you do find something that you want to try on, be sure to look in the mirror before you decide to purchase the item. That way you know what you look like in it before you decide that it is right for you. Be sure to try on many colors and variations of the item you are interested in so that you get the best look without having to purchase more items to accentuate what could have been done with the right color, cut, or fit to begin with. Not only will it put a smile on your face but also it will likely put a smile on others’ faces as well to see a happy person, something not always commonly found at the mall.

Social Interaction-
Many people forget the importance of social interactions throughout the day. When you go to the mall, you are forced to speak to people either through placing an order for Chinese food and a green tea smoothie or because you are purchasing an item in a store that you feel you cannot live without. In many cases, you will often run into someone that you know that happens to be shopping as well. Even if you are only asking for a fitting room or you are saying excuse me as you pass someone in a tight isle, you are still getting some kind of social interaction that you may not have had you spent the day at home. Most people often shop with friends, children, or partners, which not only provides them with this much-needed small talk but also is a bonding experience between two people that is very important to our social lives.

Most people do not see restraint as a health factor but it is very important when you go to the mall to shop. Restraint is good for your financial health, the biggest risk of going to the mall. Just because you see hundreds of cute things that you like does not mean that you need them all, much less that you can afford them all. Using restraint by window shopping or only purchasing a few pieces to improve your self-esteem is very important to your bank account. This will keep you out of debt and guarantee that you have some money left in your savings for something that you really cannot live without, like power. Practicing financial health is highly important, especially in today’s times when many people are struggling and cannot afford many of the basic necessities in life.